Who knew lip reading could be so fun!?

This is hilarious! I have seen this done with other movies, but this really kept me laughing!  Thanks BookRockBetty for posting and thanks for a husband with enough manly curiosity to click on something Twilight related!

Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1) by Laini Taylor


Karou is just living life as usual, attending school, sketching in her sketchbooks, and avoiding her ex-boyfriend, when her eyes meet a beautiful stranger, with eyes of fire.  Her simple school life with the occasional odd errand from the horned and tailed Brimstone are blown apart. The doors to Brimstones magical world of wishes and teeth are set ablaze and Karou is cut off from the only family she has ever known.  She is left with a question ringing in her head that has haunted her as long as she can remember, “Who am I?”.  The fire-eyed stranger who sets her heart aflame holds the truth that she so desperately seeks.  Love, heartbreak, and death.  Karou soon sets wheels in motion that will forever alter the life she knows.

I had friends telling me to read this about a year ago, and it finally made it to the top of by ToBeRead pile.  I had grown tired of YA novels with wimpy, lovesick heroines.  This book had a lot of hype attached to it so I had very high expectations.  Daughter of Smoke and Bone was one of those books where I finished and thought, “Why did I wait so long?”.  Taylor had me caught up in the story of the Chimera and Angels from the get go.  The world she creates is beautiful and creatively original.  I have not read anything like this in a while, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone was a complete breath of fresh air.

Karou is a strong character willing to sacrifice herself for the ones she loves.  Taylor’s writing made me feel as if I had slipped inside Karou, and was truly feeling what she felt.  I’m usually not a fan of the whole “love at first sight” idea.  However, Karou and Akiva have reasons that go far beyond instant attraction.  The love story is both tragic and passionate.

I breezed through this book and wanted the next book, Days of Blood and Starlight, as soon as I read the last word.  I’m hooked on Angels, Chimera, teeth, and thuribles containing souls.  It also looks like this is being adapted for the big screen by Universal Pictures.  Let’s hope they can do this book justice and make the movie just as divine as the book.

Review of Ever After (The Hollows #11) by Kim Harrison


Finally!  After a long years wait, I have Ever After!  It looks like I have a new favorite Hollows book!  I’m so looking forward to the direction that Kim is taking this series, and need a fast forward button so I can get to books 12 and 13!  I have found many a series that sputter out and die at this point.  The Hollows has for me, only grown exponentially better especially since book 8, Black Magic Sanction.

In Ever After, Rachel is working to fix a leaking ley line, she had a hand in unintentionally creating.  The demons give her the choice of fixing the line, and soon, or forfeiting her life.  As if an ever after leaking ley line isn’t enough trouble for Rachel, she has Ku’Sox to deal with once again.  Ku’Sox is working against her, he has kidnapped her friend and goddaughter as leverage, and will to anything to see that Rachel is put to death.  She once again teams up with Trent Kalamack and with the help of Algaliarept they hope they can finally be rid of Ku’Sox.

Ever After was action from beginning to end as Rachel scrambles to fix the ley line and rescue her loved ones.  I think I covered a whole spectrum of emotions while reading this book!  I love that Harrison isn’t afraid to shock her readers with tough situations and tougher decisions.  Harrison gives and takes, and I loved every glorious page!

I have been Team Trent for a while now, but found myself really loving Al as well in this book.  It was great to see a more personal side of the demon.  Ever After really helped me understand Al’s character more, and even sympathize with him on some level.  He also helped flesh out some of the Elf/Demon back story.

We get a small dose of the vampire side of the Hollows with some Nina/Felix/Cormel drama.  This accounted for my least favorite scene in the book.  From what I have read, book 13 is supposed to have a lot of vampire drama, so I guess we can’t just have them pop back in out of nowhere in the last book.

Now for Trent.  After all the shorts that Harrison gifted us with this year, I have to say I love him even more.  When I read scenes involving Trent in Ever After I had a whole new understanding for his actions and motivations.  The Trench tension has me practically foaming at the mouth to see just where their relationship is going.  Especially after the ending.  Wow!

Fans of the Hollows will not be let down!  I could not put this book down, and have since re-read and listened to the audio book.  I have some new favorite scenes bookmarked to tide me over until the next installment!



Picked this up on Pinterest, captures my thoughts exactly.  We all would love to see our favorite books played out on the big screen for our own gratification.  If your like me, you expect a 3 hour visual extravaganza, with your dream cast, and a storyline that doesn’t divert from the book for even a single word.  Which never happens.  While I would gladly sit through hours of footage to see things exactly as I imagined them, the masses would not.  I always try to read the book before the movie, because I know that nothing I see on-screen can compare to the movie that plays itself out in my mind.  With that, I usually keep and eye out for book to movie adaptations.  2013 has quite a few that I’m both excited and as usual, a bit fearful to see how they are played out on film.

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

In Theatres February 13, 2013

With all the YA novels flooding theaters lately, I had hoped this one would get a movie.  The book had a lot of hype and was recommended to me by numerous people.  I liked most everything in this book, the world of the Casters, Ethan and Lena, and the Southern small town setting.  The movie trailer was stunning and actually game me a few chill bumps!



The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In Theatres May 10, 2013

Who doesn’t love this book?  It was mandatory reading for me in school, but I’m thankful for it.  One of the true classics.  The trailer looks amazing!  DiCaprio was an excellent choice for Gatsby, I believe.  Not quite sure why it was felt the movie needed to be filmed in 3D though.

gatsby gatsbymovie

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare

In Theatres August 23, 2013

I came into the series a little late, three books were already out, but ended up reading them all quite quickly.  Not one of my favorite YA series, but I think the Shadowhunter world will make a good movie.  Casting looks fitting for most characters, I did picture Jace being a bit more hunky though.

cityofbones citymovie

 Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

In Theaters November 1, 2013

endersgamebook fl-enders-game_510x380

Here’s a book from my childhood, I believe I was in middle school when I got wrapped up in Ender’s life.  Don’t let the fact that this story is based on a six-year old keep you away.  The book delves into complex themes of moral integrity and war that will resonate with adults too.  It looks like they have aged Ender a few years in the movie, in the first book he starts out at just six years old.  Despite that the director, Gavin Hood, promises he is a fan of the series and holds the book in high regard.  No movie poster out yet but I did find the picture on Entertainment Weekly.

*Links to both the movie and books included in the book cover and movie poster.*

The LitStack Interview with Kim Harrison!


Great interview, with a little bit of a spoiler(small-just where something happens in the book), for those of you who mind.  I personally take any tidbit of The Hollows anyway I can get it!  She talks about the thirteenth book, how writing from Trent’s POV has helped fuel the Trent/Rachel romance, and her after Hollows project.  Ever After will FINALLY be out Tuesday and I can hardly wait!  Preparing myself with some re-reading this weekend of Pale Demon and all the shorts.

Review – Dominion (Dominion Series Book #1) By S.E. Lund


Dominion starts with Eve searching for someone to translate an ancient manuscript she believes is key to finishing her dead mothers life work, ridding the world of vampires.  When Eve meets up with the professor who has agreed to translate for her, she gets more than the translation she needs.  She finds Michel de Cernay, and 800 year old vampire posing as the professor, who plans on taking the manuscript for his own.  It was after all written by his identical twin brother Julien, and details their deaths and transformation into vampires.  Michel planned on compelling Eve to forget him and the manuscript, leaving her to go on with life blind to the world of vampires.  Michel’s plans are foiled when he finds Eve is immune to his compulsion.

Unable to erase her memory and send her on her way, Michel decides to take her as his Adept.  Which is apparently a vampire side-kick kind of job.  Which happens to be exactly what her parents have tried her entire life to keep her away from.  Soon she is working with Michel and the SCU to solve a series of murders. The lines between work and play soon blur as the two become romantically intertwined.

I have to say, I had a hard time reading Dominion.  Having read several good reviews, I expected to be sucked in as other readers were.  The story felt disjointed and left me flipping back pages several times to make sure I hadn’t missed something.  We get a lot more backstory on Michel the former priest, Julien the warrior, and their vampire sire than Eve.  I thought we would learn more of Eve’s past, but more focus was put on her Adept abilities.

Her work with the SCU on the murders was interesting.  Her ability to touch objects and link with the killer was engaging and some of the better parts of the book in my opinion.  I didn’t really understand the role the SCU plays other than allowing Adepts access to vampire related crimes.  It would be nice to learn more of the inner workings of the SCU and more about their job policing vampires.  Ed, who seems to run things at the SCU, came off dense and I didn’t care for him at all.  Eve also seems to think she has found the murderer they are looking for, but it feels like she is jumping to conclusions and her accusations don’t seem to be taken seriously by anyone.  There is a scene having to do with her file at the SCU that throws in some interesting info about her birth and her abilities.

I felt Lund was trying to do the love triangle thing with the brothers and Eve, but scenes involving Julien seemed scattered and forced.  It’s apparent she only has feelings for Michel.  I couldn’t get into the dominant/submissive side of the relationship between Michel and Eve.  Something about a former priest who has to spend hours on his knees praying for forgiveness after being with Eve is unappealing to me.

In all, I’m not anxious for the second book, Ascension.  I do plan to read it, it’s just going on the back burner.

Once Burned (Night Prince #1) By Jeaniene Frost


Once Burned is the first book in the Night Prince series focused on Vlad Tepesh, a vampire who inspired the legend that is Dracula.  Vlad is a supporting character in the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, and was always a standout favorite of mine.  I was hoping he would get a book of his own after reading Mencheres and Spade’s books.  Getting a trilogy was more than I had hoped, but I’m glad Jeaniene decided to spend that much time on Vlad and Leila.

Leila is human, but by no means normal.  After an accidental electrocution when she was young, she is left physically scarred, and with new strange abilities.  She can channel electricity through her body, discern a persons deepest secrets with a single touch, as well as get impressions about people through objects they have touched.

Leila lives a life of somewhat solitude for fear the wrong people will learn what she can do and abuse her abilities.  After a public slip up, she is captured by a group of vampires hunting the notorious fire manipulator, Vlad.  She turns the tables on her kidnappers and informs Vlad of their plans with a telepathic S.O.S call.  Betting all her cards on Vlad finding a way to save her, and hopefully allowing her to peacefully return to her somewhat normal life.

Things don’t always go as planned.  Vlad wants Leila’s help finding who is hunting him down, before he simply lets her go.  She agrees to help her cocky, smart-mouthed savior and is pulled into a very different world.  Pulls for power have her, her family and her friends in danger.

Vlad and Leila learn early on he is immune to her electrical touch, and that opens doors that Leila had long ago closed.  The sparks between them are immediate.  Vlad is used to having his way, and getting nothing but respect from the people round him.  Leila isn’t one to shy away, she stands up against Vlad, often to the shock of others.  I’m not usually in to the macho-cocky thing, but with Vlad it works.  He hasn’t earned his reputation by handing out candy and hugs.

I was glad the two didn’t immediately fall in bed and in love.  I appreciate books that build the relationship and don’t send characters running for the alter by the end of the book.  This makes everything between the two feel more genuine.  It also makes me eager for more books!  I’m a sucker for a HEA, no matter the form.  I want them together, but don’t need the white picket fence to be happy.  The epilogue had an interesting scene that seemed to set up Twice Tempted.  Leila’s abilities have faltered  and I could feel seeds of doubt growing in Leila about Vlad’s true feelings.  Although she does seems sure of her own for the fiery vampire.

This book was full of action, and it was devoured in a day.  I didn’t care for the scenes with her father and sister, they seemed unnecessary as she had been estranged from them for some time.  I also expected Cat and Bones to make more than a cameo since Vlad has had their backs a few times.  Once Burned was a good start for the spin-off and I’m counting the days to Twice Tempted!